Volunteer profiles

Here at Belong we like to recognise the outstanding contributions of volunteers to the Belong community.

There are numerous opportunities for volunteers; take a look at the jobs page of our website or contact your local village to find out how you can help make a difference to the lives of older people within your community.


Volunteer profile: Paul Heaton

Living independently at Belong Atherton, Paul Heaton, 58, is as much a member of the team as he is a resident of the village. He volunteers his time to help organise events and support the village’s experience day team. Rarely is Paul seen without his wheelbarrow because he is so often tending to the village’s gardens and outside areas, feeding the chickens or cleaning out their coup, all of which frequently goes unrecognised, but the team would like him to know that it is greatly appreciated.

Paul is known for looking out for others. Whenever it is snowy or icy, he gets up early to shovel snow and grit pathways and car park areas, before going to work, so that residents, staff and visitors are safe when walking in and out of the village. An accomplished photographer, he captures excursions and events so that other residents have something to help them revisit their memories.

In what is left of his free time, Paul volunteers for local charities, including the British Heart Foundation and the Leigh Autism Association, a cause, which, as someone with autism, is especially important to him.