Crewe testimonials

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our services and we value our customers feedback; here are a selection of testimonials received:

  • An absolute fantastic facility and the experience days have been a lifeline to my dad (who suffers from dementia) and our family. We could not have been made to feel more welcome with amazing staff who go over and above on every level. The care and stimulation provided, as well as the activities on offer are superb. I would recommend this place to anyone.

    Submitted to By: Lindsay K

  • "I have found Belong Crewe to be almost flawless. I live in America and my mother in Crewe. She started by attending experience days every Wednesday, then got a flat, and then moved into one of the households. At every step everyone has been enormously helpful, both to my mother and to me, they go beyond and above what we want, are incredibly professional, clean, well-mannered. The place has a wonderful feel to it and everyone pitches in to create a well-oiled machine. I thoroughly, unreservedly recommend it."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by Nigel B (Son of Resident)

  • "Belong Crewe has an amazing staff. They have been caring for our mum for almost a year in a totally professional and efficient manner. Just as important, they are loving, kind and very generous with their time and energy. We have watched them deal with some very tricky situations with grace and class and are grateful for everything they do for mum."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by S A B (Daughter-in-law of Resident)

  • "Have been coming to Belong for almost a year and find the experience warm and friendly. Everyone is very helpful and caring. The moment you enter through the front door the warmth and professionalism envelopes like a hug."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by Tina R (Friend of Resident)

  • "My father has always been treated with respect and given stimulation relating to his interests, even when he attended experience days for many years, prior to becoming a resident. This aided his adjustment to staying and also the friendly, welcoming staff already knew him. The standard of care is excellent, high standard of dementia care, homely atmosphere. The staff of all levels are helpful, approachable and nothing is too much trouble. They offer a second home to relatives, encouraging a family feeling throughout the clean, well laid out home, supported by the many thoughtful activities for everyone to join in. I cannot recommend Belong Crewe enough, it is like a four-star hotel!"


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by Angela G (Daughter of Resident)

  • "I enjoy my time in the gym, since joining my balance and overall fitness has greatly improved.
    Being with my friends, each encouraging each other to excel.
    We had a sponsored bike ride and I hadn't had so much fun in ages while raising money for a new bike.
    The staff are great and they always encourage you to surpass your goals."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Neither Unlikely or Likely

    Review submitted from a Postal Card by M B (Resident)

  • "We visited other care homes and thought "That's nice" (or not). We went to Belong and thought "We could be happy living here". I know that as my wife's dementia progresses she can be looked after in familiar surroundings with familiar people.

    There's a very lively atmosphere with areas open to the public and regular involvement from local schools. My wife is (relatively) young and is not ready to just sit in a seat and grow old, and I don't think anyone else there is. Our daughter thought it felt like upmarket student accommodation but tidier. There is a well-equipped fitness suite with an excellent instructor who makes sure everyone stays as mobile as possible.

    Daycare is called "Experience Days" with good reason. There is a full programme of real activities. For example, this week there has been a hands-on falconry demonstration. Like everyone else the Experience Day leaders are exceptional and have infinite patience. My wife enjoys every minute and comes back exhausted."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by David H (Husband of Resident)

  • "My mother, who is 87 and has vascular and frontotemporal dementia, has never been a joiner-in. She was bored, angry and frustrated. We had suggested so many activities to her only to be firmly shot down. I was very impressed when I went to look around Belong as an option for permanent care and although I was told about their experience days I believed there was no way she would even try it but, she did go "just once" and she loved it. She now goes 5 times a week and it has changed not only her life but her family's too. She is well cared for and has all the activities and attention she could ever want. She looks forward to going and returns home tired but happy. I believe we will be able to keep her in her own home much longer now, although I can see the day coming when she asks to move into Belong."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted via by N T (Daughter of Resident)

  • "Luckily, I only live five minutes away from Belong Crewe. I regularly go to the hairdressers. It is not too expensive and the ladies are excellent at their jobs and are always so patient and kind with any of the residents who have various problems. I regularly go for lunch - very good food and not too expensive.

    I and some friends enjoy playing scrabble with 2 of the residents. The activities are excellent eg. darts, keep fit, modelling, outside speakers, bingo, quizzes etc. There is a lovely garden with a water feature, raised beds, lovely plants and shrubs etc. I have visited many local homes and this is the best."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by J H (Resident)

  • "My mother has dementia and has been a resident here for 17 months. She is safe, happy and very well cared for in a 'home from home' environment. In her words, "I have a happy life". The staff are outstanding in the care they provide, they are like a second family to both me and my mother. The home is arranged in households of 10 residents - facilities, accommodation and food are all excellent and there is a great variety of activities on offer. My mother is valued, respected and treated with dignity - there are also plenty of laughter and genuine affection. Couldn't ask for more."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by Penny D (Daughter of Resident)

  • "Belong Crewe was an answer to a prayer when it came to finding a suitable place for Mum, where we knew she would be looked after by loving, caring staff, who go out of their way to make everything as smooth as possible. They are able to work around memory problems, concerned relatives who want the best for their loved ones, and more importantly, provide enrichment, suitable activities that would not just keep Mum occupied, but make her days fulfilling and fun. They are transparent so you can see exactly how they handle things and made the transition from a 3 bedroom house (lived in for forty years) to a 1 bedroom apartment as painless as possible. We feel secure that our Mum is in the best of places for her safety, a healthy lifestyle, and communication to be sure everything in the future will go smoothly. FIVE STARS!"


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Crewe? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by Susan B (Daughter of Resident)

  • "My temporary stay in Belong Crewe, the nursing and care home, was to determine whether I could manage on my own there, with the difficulties I had been experiencing in my own home, not only "old age" but ongoing "ill health". I was panic stricken and deeply worried that I had to take my son's advice that I needed help at 96 years of age as I was not likely to improve very much. Happily, during the past six weeks, my stay with the staff at Belong has been very good indeed and I hope to continue. I have been made so welcome, with life enjoyable again, due to their caring and devotion and I have been so comfortable in this beautiful home."

    Review submitted to by Irene E (Resident)

  • I really like the way that the facility is structured and welcomes in people from the locality, thus blurring the edges between its being a care facility and a normal home. In addition, because of the design of the building and the way that it is divided into households, each one looks and feels like a much smaller entity. It certainly doesn't look like a building that cares for 60 plus residents. Even the length of the inevitable corridors is reduced by the design of the building.

    The households that I saw were very pleasant and those residents who could do so, responded to my greeting and comments. They seemed to be happy with their situation. I was further impressed by the provision of a number of additional facilities that the residents can use, even if it is with the assistance of a carer. Most of all, of course, it is those very carers who are the real asset for any care home and I was pleased to see the relationship that Caroline clearly has with those whom I met and theirs with the resident whose well-being they have in their hands.

    After all, I am about to consign my wife, Liz, to their care and I must be as certain as I can be that I am doing the right thing. This is not only important for Liz, although she is my most important consideration. However, I also need to be happy with my choice because I have to feel relaxed about someone else doing for Liz that which I should really be doing if I were able to.

    Liz's capabilities and her perceptions may mean that she will not get as much out of everything that has been incorporated into Belong as a more able person, but I am comfortable that I have made the right choice for her. Of course, only time will tell but, because of Liz's history of having worked in the School of Nursing for many years, a number of the people whom we know have a nursing background and are still involved in the care profession. Without exception, they have told me that they have heard only good things about Belong and they agree that it is the right place for Liz. As a result, my natural apprehensiveness over having to make this sort of choice and to take this decision on Liz's behalf, is much reduced.

    I am happy for you to use any of the foregoing in any way that you wish and I shall be happy to follow it up in a couple of month's time with what I expect to be further positive comments once Liz has begun to settle down in her new home.

    Kind regards.

    Roger Withenshaw

  • Yippee, Mum is home at last! Thanks to you and your staff for looking after her so well and giving her the confidence to spend lots of time with Dad again and venture back into the big wide world.

    Oddly, I think this unforeseen long stay has changed her and given her much more confidence.

    Your team are also making a real difference to the quality of life for my Father. My Dad has been transformed with the loving care that he receives at Belong.

    Mr Dave Perry

  • Moving my mum to Belong Crewe has been the best move for my mum in 30 years! She now has care, company, friendship and constant activities every day; we never see her anymore! Hehe! Amazing place.

    Mrs Kathy Cartwright