Macclesfield testimonials

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our services and we value our customers feedback; here are a selection of testimonials received:

  • A strong recommendation from a colleague led to my initially exploring the Experience Days at Belong Macclesfield for my wife with advancing dementia. The positive experience convinced the family that this care home would fulfil our aspirations for a safe and caring end-of-life home. Then a 5-month hospitalisation followed in a dementia assessment unit before my wife transferred to Holly House in Belong Macclesfield where her behavioural problems were initially quite challenging. The staff were simply outstanding in their empathy, patience, care and sensitivity, displaying a clear understanding and experience of the care required for such patients.

    Review submitted via by Michael G (Husband of Resident)

  • We really appreciate that one of the regular team pick mum up from home and return her. Mum gets her hair done during the time she’s at Belong, 2 days a week currently and uses the gym. That’s the highlight of her day as she loves being active but can’t keep fit independently any longer. There’s a wide range of activities on offer and family are always made to feel welcome to join in. I come along most weeks to the poetry reading group and its usually great fun. The team are very caring and supportive. As a carer I really welcome the break knowing she’s in good company in a safe familiar setting. I’d recommend families getting their loved ones involved sooner rather than later to get the most from this aspect of things.





    Review submitted to by Susan C (Daughter of Resident) on Sunday 2 September 2018

  • "I cannot praise the whole team at Belong Macclesfield enough. They all show kindness and patience to my mum when she attends experience days. The activities they provide are varied and interesting. My mum always enjoys the lunch and when I collect her she always says she has had a good day. Thank you so much to all the staff for the reassurance I feel when my mum is with you."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Macclesfield? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by Andrea P (Daughter of Resident)

  • "It was difficult to persuade my dad to have any help in the house after his wife died. Dad was 90 years old but very independent and didn't want strangers in his house. The agency tried to find him a suitable carer when he finally agreed to a little help. They found someone who Dad got on really well with. She was great at organising his shopping, making his lunches and even ironing his sheets! She was good at everything and Dad thought the world of her. He really looked forward to her visit. Without this help, dad would not have been able to stay in his own home. Many thanks."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong at Home Macclesfield? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by D H (Daughter of Client)

  • "My mother has been a resident of Belong Macclesfield since June 2017. She has received the most attentive, compassionate and thoughtful care from those around her. She is a highly intelligent and independent woman who would not have chosen to give up her independence but Dementia is a cruel and indiscriminate illness; her inevitable DOL (Deprivation of Liberty) meant there was no option but to be cared for. This sorry situation has been dealt with in an outstanding manner; my mother has been taken swimming, gone for endless walks, received continual pampering as well as the sort of emotional support normally expected from family.

    We regularly go away but feel reassured that in our absence everyone at Belong is behaving like the family she needs. We cannot speak highly enough of the service and have already encouraged our neighbour to change care providers on the strength of Belong’s outstanding care of my mother."


    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Macclesfield? Extremely Likely

    Review submitted to by Anne (Daughter of Resident)

  • "My sincere thanks to the care managers at Belong at Home in Macclesfield this Christmas and New year. They responded unbelievably quickly and professionally to our family crisis at a time of need. They organised help at home for us at very short notice and went out of their way to put their team of dedicated care support workers in place for myself and my husband. We would have been in a mess without all their help. The care manager especially went above and beyond the call of duty and at a very busy time of year too. Thank you very much, it really is appreciated and we will continue with the care plan they have put in place."

    How likely would you be to recommend Belong at Home? Extremely Likely

    Submitted from a Postal Card to by P B with assistance of Daughter of Client/Service User on Monday 13 February 2017.

  • "My wife is three years into Alzheimers. She now needs help to wash and dress in the mornings. She wakes confused having had dreams and needs help to return to reality.
    The job required is, therefore, practical but also psychological and this home care agency provides staff who have managed both aspects to a very high and impressive standard. The organisation behind their staff ensure times are met punctually.
    I am a most grateful user of their services."

    How likely would you be to recommend Belong at Home? Extremely Likely

    Submitted from a Postal Card to by Alan R on Monday 6 February 2017

  • "My mum was at Belong Macclesfield for 8 years. During that time, her Alzheimers progressed from moderate to advanced, eventually dying of it. In spite of that, she had 8 fabulous years at Belong. She could not have been anywhere better or happier. The environment was lovely, the staff cared for her like she was their own mother. She had company, friends, fun and laughter all the time. Even during her last days at the nursing care she had was first class. I cannot praise Belong enough."

    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Macclesfield? Extremely Likely


    Review submitted from a Postal Card on by Jenny M. Review relates to October 2016.

  • "I moved my friend from another home to Belong Macclesfield to be closer to where I live and also I had visited before. The move took place in November 2015, after 15 months as the other home. Thanks to the staff she has settled in very well. I think the household method of caring is very good with the staff are in constant touch with residents."

    How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


    Review submitted from a Website Submission on by: Brian R - Review relates to 01 May 2016.

  • "My Mum has been attending Experience Days at Belong Macclesfield for the last 5 years or so. She has always enjoyed them and has come home happy and laughing! Unfortunately her dementia has got worse over the last 6 months and for her safety, Dad and I, decided it was time for her to move in permanently. As she was familiar with the surroundings and staff, it was a relatively smooth move (far more upsetting for us, than her) and she now has a lovely room with very experienced and kind staff looking after her. We know that she is safe. She still attends the experience days so is kept busy, and I visit whenever I want. Dad gets to visit regularly. He has the bonus of a lovely Sunday roast dinner when he visits her on a Sunday. They go to the Bistro together. All in all, I would definitely recommend this care home to anybody making the difficult decision to move a relative into permanent care."


    Review submitted from a Website Submission to by Alison L - Review relates to April 2016.

  • "Since my husband moved in permanently we have both been supported and looked after by the staff. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere is just right. The activities every day and attention of the staff keep my husbands mind stimulated. More than ever this is very good. The feeling in each "house" makes it feel like a family but there is always his own room if he needs it or we just want a quiet time together, very good."

    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Macclesfield? Extremely Likely


    Review submitted from a Postal Card to by Pauline W - Review relates to April 2016.

  • "Excellent care and facilities, staff are caring and well trained. Communication is very good during difficult times. Admin and management are very professional and helpful. Belong has a unique approach to care, which creates a warm and friendly environment."

    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Macclesfield? Extremely Likely


    Review submitted from a Postal Card, to, by I M - Review relates to April 2016.

  • "I have always felt happy with my mum being at Belong. The place is homely, relaxed, you are always made to feel welcome, you never feel that you've come at the wrong time.
    The staff are, without exception, always friendly and welcoming - they genuinely care for my mum who, although deep in the throes of dementia, is always well kempt, dressed and most importantly, very happy and contented every time I visit.
    I could/would've never imagined anywhere could be so caring, for the elderly as this place. No-one wants to become old, needy, dependant; but if this is my fate, one day; I would be happy to enter Belong as a resident."

    How likely would you be to recommend Belong Macclesfield? Extremely Likely


    Review submitted from a Postal Card to by David L - Review relates to April 2016.

  • Dear Sir or Madam

    I am writing to say what a wonderful caring team the home carers were, led by Karen Burgess that cared for my mother in their home visits over two months.

    Especially Karen Burgess who called round to my mothers when contacted by one of her carers after she had fallen at home.

    Karen was wonderful and went beyond the call of duty helping contact an on call Doctor at the weekend and trying to find my Mother a respite place! My mother was in hospital for a week and is now in respite at Belong Macclesfield. I am hoping that she will want to remain at Belong where I
    know she will be well cared for by the dedicated staff in Willow House.

    Angela Bucknell

  • A short poem written by Belong Macclesfield's poetry club member, Pat Scott:

    "We're going to our favourite place of course it is Belong

    We go often to the Bistro and functions like poetry and sing along

    The people who we meet they are so efficient and so kind

    Truly if they weren't there i would loose my mind

    Thank you all you wonderful folks; my second family

    I love you all cos you make me feel so happy

    You put up with me so patiently even when i'm snappy."

    Pat Scott

  • Thanks very much to all my mum’s carer friends for looking after her in her home. It was always a good feeling walking out, knowing that she would be well taken care of when we were not with her.

    Thanks so very much

    Alice’s family

  • I have been very happy while here and well cared for. Good food and nothing was any trouble if you asked.

    Evelyn Padin

  • I have had a marvellous time and I thank everybody a million times for all the care and attention and good food. I shall never forget one and all; the atmosphere is so laid back.

    Jill Coney

  • Words cannot express our gratitude for the wonderful care and friendly attitudes of the staff here. I am sure Mum will miss you all very much. Thanks for your help and support.

    Michelle Hayes

  • Dear Janine

    It has taken me a little time to write for which I apologise but I really felt that I should put pen to paper.
    We hosted a small birthday party in The Venue to celebrate Dad’s 89th birthday last week. We all individually commented on the helpfulness of all your staff. So often people are quick to complain but not quite so eager to praise.

    Gina, of course, was her usual naturally buoyant self, very supportive and pro-active. This positive attitude and spontaneous offers of help is spreading throughout the village.

    The Bistro staff are so helpful, kind and genuinely want to please. The cooks are amazingly calm and constructive; always willing to offer advice.

    The laundry staff are always smiling, always helpful and always ready to listen even though they are so busy.

    People whom we have met, often staff from other households, including the new caretaker, are always willing to open a door or to help fetch and carry. It has made me realise that actually this goes on every day. People smiling and being so helpful-even on their break time! They probably do not know how much this is all appreciated in a building gull of mixed emotions. As a manager of Belong Macclesfield I would like to thank you for achieving this with your teams.

    Kind regards


  • Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave to my mother during her stay at Belong. The nursing was excellent, the carers were so lovely to Mum and nothing was too much trouble for them. The physios were extraordinary and got so much out of mum. Thank you all so much.

    We send you our love.

    Mrs Faulkner

  • I am writing to thank you for the wonderful care that you gave to our Dad at Belong in Macclesfield over the last two years of his life.

    Dad came to you suffering from severe Alzheimer’s having struggling to remain independent for several years.

    On his first trial day in Beech House he visibly relaxed and declared that he ‘liked this place’. As you know, my Father was not an easy man to impress so this was high praise indeed and the encouragement we needed to confirm his placement at Belong.

    Over the past two years we have never had a moments doubt over this decision. Dad was not the easiest person at times, but throughout your ‘ups and downs’ with him you remained unfailingly cheerful and caring, delivering the care he needed with respect and sensitivity.

    Dad could be challenging at times but you always recounted his latest escapades to us with fondness and forbearance.

    One of Dad’s favourite activities was occasional run outs into the countryside which was a job that fell to myself. I can still recall the feeling of relief and satisfaction I felt in Dad’s fourth week when he said on turning back into Kennedy Avenue ‘Ah, nearly home’. That really says it all doesn’t it? Belong was Dad’s ‘home’ – the place he felt safe, where he knew he had support 24/7.

    We would like to commend all the staff at Belong, particularly everyone at Beech House, for all the excellent care that Dad received, and hope that our comments are transmitted to all the staff at Belong Macclesfield – as well as those operating at higher levels in the Belong organisation.

    Thanks you so much

    Ms C Comer & Mr Spencer

  • I would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to you, for all your help and kindness and for all the activities you arrange each month for everyone. We are never bored. All the staff and volunteers here are so kind and helpful also.

    It is almost a year ago since I came to rent a balcony flat and all my family and friends agree it is like living in a lovely hotel with the bistro, hairdressers, library and film shows etc.

    With the shops and bus stops so close by, no-one could wish for a better place to return to.

    Irene M Bowlet

  • I am writing to compliment you on your amazing Belong Care Home in Macclesfield – and I feel sure that your other care homes will be equally good.

    In mid-December 2010 an elderly cousin moved into Poplar House. When she moved in she was 95 years old and in very poor shape. She couldn’t walk or get out of her chair and had to be helped with everything. We really didn’t believe she would live past Christmas that year. However, what a difference! She is now getting all over the place with and without her walker, dressing herself and her memory is as good as ever.

    I do put this down to the staff, but in particular Barbara who runs the gym. One of my husband’s friends, who is a resident of the Hollies (Belong Macclesfield) has also made incredible improvement. When my husband visited him last year he didn’t really know him and was anxious – now we are seeing a huge difference in him. It is fantastic and another example of the work and care given to him by Barbara. Her dedication to professionalism and concern for the residents she works with is remarkable.

    I also have to mention how Barbara has helped another friend of mine who has had awful problems following a hip replacement which went badly wrong. Her son-in-law works for you in Macclesfield and on the strength of using the bistro, she began to exercise three times a week in the gym. I am so impressed by her improvement that I have signed up as well!

    Barbara is very thorough and watched everything we do, as she does with her older and much frailer patients. We are happy to pay and go in early before most of the residents are ready to take part. I have met up with several other elderly residents who love going to do their ‘gentle exercises’.

    I honestly believe that their lives have become much richer because of Barbara’s involvement in their physical and mental lives. I understand you are planning other gyms in your new homes. I do hope Barbara can instil her high standards in the staff that will be running these facilities.

    She is so caring that when one of the residents of Poplar had to go to his brother-in-law’s funeral, Barbara went above and beyond what a normal employee would do, and went out on her lunch hour to buy him some trousers to replace the black trainers (all he had to wear) and was planning to put on.

    There are many other things I like about Belong. The Bistro, which is open to the public, is a great idea. The food is good and very good value for money. The on-site hairdresser, the doctor’s surgery, the entertainment venue and the way the staff treat the residents. The concept of small areas, so unlike most care homes, where everyone whatever their mental ability sit around the walls of the room staring at each other - does not happen at Belong. I also like the way staff at Belong are so flexible about what the residents would like to eat. It is never ‘this is what you get whether you like it or not’, it is more like a private hotel or their own home. Our cousin now tells everyone she ‘chose’ to go to Belong and is very happy there. Also, one very important point, it doesn’t smell!

    I like the way the staff are so cheerful and happy, obviously credit to the manager and senior staff in the care home. In Poplar I would like to recommend Bridget for her helpful and friendly attitude.

    Finally, a friend, a commercial and wealthy property developer in Sheffield was expressing his sadness that his wife will need residential accommodation in the not too distant future as she has dementia. I told him about Belong Macclesfield and he was disappointed that it was on this side of the Pennines. I haven’t spoken to him, but wondered whether you would be interested in trying to interest him in early development in that City. I am sure he and his family would be happy for her to be in the caring comfort of a Belong Village.

    I would like to congratulate the designer, architect, but mostly the person who came up with this super concept. I sincerely hope that all other new and modern homes take on board the Belong ideals.

    Mrs Anna Rains

  • I have stayed in Willow household, Belong Macclesfield, and in all my 92 years I have never experienced such kindness. Every single member of staff was cheerful, friendly, patient and kind. I won’t single out any one person, I include all, night staff as well as day, physios and social services.

    I want you all to know how grateful I am for your kindness and help to get me back on my feet and home.

    Best wishes and thanks.

    Ann Holden