Belong General Manager - Janine Curwell

During her time as General Manager for Belong Macclesfield, Janine Curwell developed a reputation for harnessing the individual skills of staff to provide the highest standards of care to customers. Since her appointment to the role of General Manager for Belong Warrington, however, Janine has embarked upon her greatest challenge yet.

"You'd be amazed by the work that goes into creating a Belong village. The only real constant is planning. Everything I do now is based on a timetable leading up to the opening day later in the summer. To that end, the first thing that I needed to do was recruit a great management team to help me."

"Creating the right team for Belong Warrington was all about selecting people with the right values and attitudes. I want to work with staff that have the enthusiasm necessary to provide outstanding levels of care, people with qualifications that we can continue to build on with our comprehensive training programme."

"By April I had successfully completed the village management team, starting with the appointment of Phil Caine in the role of Support Manager. The managers needed to come first, because they all play a role in recruiting and selecting the teams of staff that they’re going to work with. Together we're creating a confident and competent workforce, with a high awareness of the needs of people living with dementia."

"The physical building work is still being finalised, so I regularly attend site meetings to keep abreast of progress. I'm also in the process of registering the services that we’ll offer, so that, for example, NHS services in the local community know that we’re qualified to care for people living with dementia."

"Making ties with Warrington community groups is also important. Little things like this could easily be overlooked, but we want local colleges and schools to know that we can provide vocational placements in the village. Our salon and gym both provide excellent opportunities for students to work with the people living here."

"Of course, Belong Warrington would be nothing without the people that are preparing to move in, and I’m introducing myself to as many of our future tenants as possible. I want to create a vibrant community at Belong Warrington, where people have a sense of being involved and have a lot to look forward to. Laying the groundwork for a varied programme of events for residents means creating ties with local groups and clubs. We want to give people in the households the opportunity to continue exploring the same activities that they were involved with before coming into the village."

"There's so much work to be done, but it's all very exciting. By the time our first customer steps through the front door, they'll meet a team that have bonded by putting the finishing touches on the village.”

"It’s difficult to think too much about what an average day is like for me now, when we’re counting down days to the opening. I'm determined that everything will be just right. I have no doubt that the level of care at Belong Warrington will be of an exceptionally high standard. We're all very committed to that."