Belong household design

kitchen area featuring curved divider

Leading architects designed the Belong households to ensure clear lines-of-sight across open-plan spaces. This assists orientation and helps to make sure that residents can easily find their way to familiar surroundings wherever they may be. Individualised visual cues can compensate for memory problems and the lasting relationships that residents build with our staff provides reassurance during difficult periods.

The open nature of our households means that carers can monitor the wellbeing of residents in unobtrusive ways, and every personal room comes equipped with smart technology to detect falls or unexpected movements without invading your privacy.

The extra-wide doorways and bathrooms are fully accessible to wheelchair users, with easy-to-open doors and colour contrast furnishings to enhance perceptibility. From our wet-room shower design to our easy-to-reach plug and light sockets, every detail has been considered to allow you greater freedom and independence.

Our spacious bedrooms and en-suite facilities exceed Government standards, offering the same level of comfort that you’d expect at home but with the added security of our well-trained team of staff. With accessible or gardens, there is easy access to the outdoors from every Belong household and all of our village facilities will be on your doorstep.