Our Vision

A home for life, a home for living.

A sense of belonging is fundamental to our goals at Belong. We want our customers to feel at home in our villages, with all the security, contentment and fulfilment that the word ‘home’ signifies.

A listening organisation

Belong is a values-based organisation, founded on our vision that older people have the right to enjoy the same community belonging and richness of experience that they have always known. We take our lead from our customers, and seek constant feedback on what we can do better through ‘Our listening to the experts’ surveys, regular wellbeing reviews and forums for relatives and customers.

A pioneering approach

30 years of experience as a care operator informs our ambition to offer a radically different alternative to the host of existing care settings. We were one of the early pioneers of the ‘household’ model for people with dementia and our drive for innovation and excellence has earned us recognition and accolades in the industry, but most importantly from our customers.


We are a charitable organisation whose first priority will always be to offer a higher quality of life and a higher quality of personal care, regardless of how complex your needs may become.

Caring communities

Belong villages are a place where privacy and community go hand-in-hand, offering intimate and natural settings where you can build meaningful and long-term relationships with other residents, employees and visitors. By opening our facilities to the wider community, Belong villages promote diversity and integration, welcoming all age groups, creating a place where children can play, families can unwind and you can receive the support and respect that you deserve.