Belong at Home Crewe - T C (Daughter-in-law of Client) published on 18 June 2024

"Excellent care provided. All have very caring natures. Mum looks forward to her visits, both morning and evenings. "Always asking are the ladies here". All ladies provide outstanding care and attention to Mum at all times. Ensuring all her needs are met. A huge thank you from us all as a family. Thank you."

Belong at Home Atherton - Katherine G (Daughter of Customer) published on 31 May 2024

"The care my dad received from Belong at Home was outstanding. All the staff are extremely friendly, kind and professional. They went above and beyond, sometimes in challenging circumstances. Any medication changes were dealt with immediately - nothing seemed too much trouble. From day one, I had complete confidence that Dad's needs would be met and his care would be of the highest standard. I can't thank the staff enough for the care and love they showed my dad and the support they gave me. I would 100% recommend Belong at Home Atherton. "

Belong at Home Warrington - J T (Husband of Customer) published on 31 May 2024

"Very happy with the service provided, it could not be better. Such high standards always maintained and very happy to welcome the girls each week. "

Belong at Home Warrington - C T (Customer) published on 31 May 2024

"I have no complaints at all, the service I receive is excellent, I couldn't be more pleased and certainly could not do without it. Lovely staff, always happy and cheerful, a pleasure to see them, it's like welcoming an old friend into our home. "

Belong at Home Warrington - Testimonial - H W (Daughter of Customer) published on 29 May 2024

"The care team from Belong at Home are excellent. Mum enjoys each visit and all staff are considerate and caring. The team is well-managed, communication is good and reviews are appropriate. I feel reassured that my mother is in safe hands. "

Belong at Home Warrington - Caroline P (Daughter of Customer) published on 29 May 2024

"The Belong at Home team are invaluable in assisting Mum to stay at home where she wants to stay. It gives us enormous peace of mind to know Mum is being well cared for at the times we are not with her. The support staff are fabulous with Mum and keep her happy, safe and entertained. "

Belong at Home Warrington - Irene W (Customer) published on 29 May 2024

"I enjoy the company of the carers. They are very kind and helpful and we have lots of fun. I always look forward to their company. "

C T (Daughter of Customer) published on 23 May 2024

"It took a while for Mum to accept she needed outside help in addition to the support provided by myself and my sister but she has settled really well because the carers are all lovely to her. She looks forward to the their visits and loves to chat with them. They help her with personal care, prepare her meals and other small household chores. It's a great relief that Mum's needs are being met in such a friendly and professional manner. Wish we'd done it sooner!"

S J (Daughter of Customer) published on 21 May 2024

"Belong at Home is truly a five-star service, absolutely nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend to anyone. The carers go above and beyond to ensure all Dad's needs are met and as they have got to know him more, make suggestions on how to improve his daily life further. Dad's package of care has increased and now includes a shopping visit out to a local supermarket which keeps him independent, weekly house cleaning and personal care visits. Dad knows in advance who is coming to see him and has pictures of them which is good, especially if it's a staff member he hasn't met before. From a personal perspective, Belong at Home has become a lifeline not only to Dad but to myself too, knowing he is receiving quality support from such caring individuals is a welcome relief and one I can't thank them enough for. Thank you Belong at Home for the incredible work you do, you are all amazing! "

Janet A (Daughter of Customer) published on 21 May 2024

"Dad’s mobility has deteriorated in the past few weeks, along with his dementia.
He is repeating himself more but the carers who come to him have been kind and patient, talking to him and answering the same questions he repeats throughout their visit.
If they are worried about him they contact the family straightaway with their concerns.
They all go above and beyond to care for Dad, enabling him (as he wishes) to stay in his own home.
I can not thank them and praise them enough."

Janet R (Daughter of Customer) published on 21 May 2024

"The caregiver has made my mum feel very safe. We are happy because she is both competent and thoughtful and focuses on my mum's needs. "

P N (Daughter of Customer) published on 14 May 2024

"After Dad having to have help/care, we had another care company who we as a family were not happy with. After Dad came out of hospital, we had Belong at Home Warrington, must say we've never looked back. All the staff have engaged with Dad and Dad was treated as family. The management especially has gone above and beyond to make sure Dad was safe and happy. Dad and we were very happy with Belong at Home and would thoroughly recommend. "

M A (Daughter of Customer) published on 8 May 2024

"We have been using Belong at Home since 2022. The care my mum has received has been amazing. My mum always looked forward to their visits. The staff go above and beyond to make sure mum was safe and happy. Good time-keeping and always left the kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy. Communication by everyone

was very clear and I particularly liked the relatives gateway. If I needed extra visits the managers always tried to accommodate our requests. I would definitely recommend Belong there."

S S (Granddaughter of Customer) published on 7 May 2024

"Belong at Home have been fantastic at caring for my nana. The staff are very friendly and hard-working. They take their job very seriously and are very professional when carrying out their duties. Having Belong at Home has helped our whole family look after my nan and for this, we are very grateful. "

William W (Husband of Customer) published on 26 April 2024

"Really happy with the home care girls. Find them friendly and helpful. "

Dave H (Son of Customer) published on 26 April 2024

"My mother has been a client of Belong at Home for many years. The service and caring levels of all of the team are above and beyond any other care companies I have experienced.
Mum classes every one of them as personal friends rather than carers and she can be choosy about who she calls a friend!

at Home may not be the cheapest but in my opinion, cheap and quality rarely go hand in hand."

George C (Brother of Client) published on 26 April 2024

"My sister has been living as an independent resident in Belong at Home Crewe for about nine years. We are both delighted with the standard of accommodations and care she has received. Staff go well beyond the minimum requirement of care, e.g. she suffers from seizures and has learning difficulties but

staff are very patient and respond immediately if required. When I am away, I can relax knowing that she is in good hands. "

Testimonial - J M (Customer) published on 11 April 2024

"It is absolutely wonderful when Belong at Home arrives in the morning. Vital physical care but also lots of interesting mental stimulus, laughter, giggles and smiles!"

K C (Customer) published on 11 April 2024

"Very good service all the carers are very good with me, well satisfied. "

A C (Daughter of Customer) published on 8 April 2024

"Belong at Home has been wonderful in helping us as a family to support Mum in her own home after her dementia diagnosis. That is what she herself wanted and we feel so lucky to have found Belong. The caring and well-trained team is incredibly dedicated, creative, kind and resourceful. I have no hesitation

at all in recommending them to others and know they will always have Mum’s best interests and those of her family at heart."

N C (Daughter of Customer) published on 14 March 2024

"Belong at Home provides our family member with excellent care. We had to use other providers as well until recently, as we needed more cover than Belong could provide, and they were all awful and we didn't feel we could trust them to give medication, follow basic instructions or even turn up. Belong

has always been reliable, communicative and flexible. We feel like our family member is getting a very high standard of care and we trust Belong to do everything we need, enabling our family member to stay at home and have as good a quality of life as possible. The carers are all lovely, well-trained, and genuinely care about our family member. They make a lot of effort to do things with our family member to support them and stimulate them, whilst making them fun, such as crafting, cooking and walks."

M B (Wife of Customer) published on 14 March 2024

"Our team have a very caring and 'can do' attitude with my husband. All of them are friendly and cheerful. The admin team is really helpful and considerate, providing extra hours when needed and juggling the rota to cope when one carer went off sick, keeping me informed of any changes and asking if I minded the change. My husband is able to trust all the carers on his team, cooperating with them fully and respecting their needs to implement safety procedures etc. and helping them keep to time. He likes to be left to their care."

Review from K C (Daughter of Customer) published on 13 March 2024

"I can't rate the care that my Mum receives highly enough. The team supports her to stay active and happy in her home, supporting her to cook and keep up her artistic interests, always going out of their way to give her the best possible care. We couldn't wish for a better team of carers."

J M (Daughter of Customer) published on 7 March 2024

"The day I met with Belong at Home is a day Mum and I will always be grateful for. The staff that have supported Mum over the last 18 months have treated her with respect and took the time to understand her individual needs. They introduced her to a member of staff who is a true angel. She has broken

down barriers and other people’s perceptions. She has then increased Mum’s confidence post-Covid so that she can again socialise independently as well as shop on her own or with support - always Mum’s choice. You feel like part of our family. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for Mum. As Mum says - 'friend'."

Denise C (Daughter of Customer) published on 5 March 2024

"As a family, we have had excellent communications via staff. Dad has been treated with self-respect and dignity throughout his time with Belong, from start to finish. The staff have treated Dad as an extension of their own families. It has been a very hard decision to make as a family. Unfortunately,

Dad now needs 24-hour care for his own safety and well-being. We as a family will be forever grateful!"

Ken R (Customer) published on 4 March 2024

"Belong help and support me with tasks I'm not able to do myself and make me feel safer. "

Christine W (Customer) published on 1 March 2024

"After using three other, bad care companies, I found Belong at Home. I changed to Belong and it's the best decision I made. They are a first-rate care company. The carers are excellent. They arrive at the correct time. I would recommend Belong at Home to any other person (and have done). "

M A (Daughter of Customer) published on 1 March 2024

"Feel in completely safe hands with Belong at Home carers - on time, cheerful, attentive and will phone with any doubts or alerts on Mum's status. As well as the practical day-to-day things, the carers are genuinely good company and are making my life much easier, and Mum's life longer and better. Happy! "

Vincent C (Son of Customer) published on 1 March 2024

"We wish to express our deep gratitude to you and your committed, dedicated team in providing a dignified/caring package of home care from December 2020 up until today, when Dad will be beginning another chapter of his illness in a 24/7 care facility.
We are in no doubt, had you and your team not been

associated with Dad, we would have not been able to have kept Dad at home as long as we have, for which we cannot express our thanks for developing a brilliant team and one we all will surely miss in the future."

M A (Daughter of Customer) published on 1 March 2024

"Feel in completely safe hands with Belong at Home carers - on time, cheerful, attentive and will phone with any doubts or alerts on Mum's status. As well as the practical day-to-day things, the carers are genuinely good company and are making my life much easier, and Mum's life longer and better. Happy! "

Helen P (Daughter of Customer) published on 19 February 2024

"The Belong at Home team are the most caring and professional team that I have encountered, both professionally and personally. They provide daily care for my mother and over the past eight months, have gone above and beyond in helping her settle in her new environment. Aside from the practical support, 

they also provide, more importantly, emotional support, alleviating any anxieties that someone with Alzheimer's can present with. As a family, we cannot thank them enough and for being flexible and communicating any issues in a timely manner."

Review from Phillip D (Son of Customer) published on 13 February 2024

"The Belong at Home service has been essential in helping Mum and Dad to remain in their home. Without the excellent support, I'm sure that they would have had to go into residential care."

Review from Julia T (Daughter of Customer) published on 9 February 2024

"Great care for Dad. Carers keep us fully informed of Dad's care. Dad looks forward to seeing the carers and we can now go back to being his daughters and spending quality time with him as carers have taken away the need for us to look after him on a daily basis."

Emma H (Daughter-in-law of Customer) published on 1 February 2024

"Belong at Home Crewe have been looking after my mother-in-law for the last couple of years now. We use both the weekly shopping service and daily care visits, both have been invaluable to help my mother-in-law which gives my partner and I peace of mind that she is being checked and looked after. Over time we have added extra services as her care needs have changed which Beyond have always managed to sort out to keep continuity. We cannot fault the service they provide and have found all staff to be patient and caring with her. We would highly recommend the service to anyone looking for care input."

C C (Customer) published on 24 January 2024

"Very helpful, kind and considerate. Help with all my problems."

D E (Customer) published on 24 January 2024

"As always, excellent and willing to assist with my requirements. Always kind and considerate. Thank you so much."

K B (Customer) published on 24 January 2024

"No complaints at all. Staff very friendly, efficient and will do anything for you. Always smiling. Would recommend them to anybody."

M S (Customer) published on 24 January 2024

"Staff very good, look after us very well."

Submitted by Terence L (Partner of Customer) published on 11 January 2024

"Since changing supplier, I have noticed a complete change in my partner. I cannot fault our new care team. They are very good, in fact, excellent in the way they look after my partner. Friendly, loving and make her feel at home and wanted. "

Alison T (Daughter of Customer) published on 21 December 2023

"The team who care for Mum are outstanding. They offer Mum personal care (in the form of showers) with true dignity and respect. It was quite a difficult decision for Mum to allow carers in to help her in her apartment, but every member of the team has supported her in this transition and I am so grateful as supporting Mum has meant a great deal of relief to myself and the impact it has also had upon myself - relieving my stress about Mum."

Submitted by L G (Daughter of Customer) published on 13 December 2023

"We couldn't be more happy with the home we found Mum. A special place for an older family member. The Belong at Home Warrington care staff are kind, patient, caring people who treat Mum as their own family member. They keep Mum safe even with her bumpy health. Keep her smiling and happy. Thank you. "

Submitted by J B (Daughter of Customer) published on 24 November 2023

"The care that my mother has been receiving at home from the Belong team since September this year has been of a consistently high standard. All of the team are polite, caring and helpful with my mother most importantly, but also towards me too. Thanks very much. "

Submitted by Mike W (Nephew of Customer) published on 21 November 2023

"Excellent friendly team, very helpful and reliable. Provide very good assistance to keep Auntie in her own home. They keep in regular contact, providing updates on her wellbeing to the family members. Easy to contact and always respond. Great service."

Submitted by K T (Daughter of Customer) published on 7 September 2023

"Belong have been caring for my mother for over 6 weeks. The carers are reliable and very attentive. Mum's confidence has improved along with her strength. She is eating well and the carers will help her with any chores, as well as preparing. My sister and I have peace of mind, knowing that Mum is well cared for by people she loves."

Submitted by Joyce S (Wife of Customer) published on 26 May 2023

"When the carers come they are professional, knowledgeable and caring. Also friendly and efficient."

Submitted by C T (Son of Customer) published on 24 May 2023

"Thank you so much to the Belong at Home team for your help and support with my mum (and dad!). It has been extremely reassuring to know that she will receive a friendly daily visit to get her day started and that her needs are well provided for by the care team. The carers have been fantastic - very kind and thoughtful, and Mum has really enjoyed their company. The team have also been very flexible in changing visit times to fit in with my parents."

Submitted by Sally B (Daughter of Customer) published on 24 May 2023

"Belong at Home Atherton staff have provided excellent support for my mum, who has mixed dementia. All the staff are caring yet friendly and professional, and my mum feels very at ease with the carers that visit. I highly recommend Belong at Home Atherton; thank you."

Submitted by Stephen H (Customer) published on 21 March 2022

"Very good, could not do without them."