The power of music

The benefits of music as a way of connecting with people with dementia are well documented and at Belong, we use music extensively to bring joy and wellbeing to people’s lives.

All our villages have Alexas on every household and we have launched an initiative to collate playlists for every resident so that music can be played which has a real resonance for our customers.


Music therapy

We work with the music therapy charity Nordoff and Robbins and employ a music therapist who works with customers at Belong Warrington on a weekly basis, both in group and one-one-sessions. We have also hosted music therapy student placements.

Making music together offers companionship without any pressure of conversation or the need to pick-up on social cues. It can help to unlock memories, reduce isolation, foster feelings of connection and belonging and help people regain their sense of identity, no matter their stage of dementia.


Music partnerships

Belong enjoys relationships with a wide range of other organisations to enhance the music provision in our villages. These include Opera North, the Royal Northern College of Music and a number of schools, colleges, bands and music makers who regularly visit our villages.
We regularly create music making opportunities for residents who wish to play or sing, whether in private or public, and we have well established and popular community choirs at a number of our villages. This in addition to the wide range of singers, entertainers and musicians who perform at all Belong locations as part of our events programme.