Exercise & rehabilitation service

At Belong we have an award-winning exercise service, which plays a vital role in supporting residents to maintain their mobility and independence for as long as possible.

Recognised in the 3rd Sector Care Awards with an award for Innovative Quality Outcomes, it also contributes significantly to people’s rehabilitation following events, such as a stroke or a fall. Beyond this, our popular gym service is simply a lot of fun, contributing hugely to residents’ wellbeing and sense of achievement.

Each village has a specialised exercise gym which is run by a highly qualified Exercise Specialist who has experience working with older people. All Belong gyms are equipped with adapted exercise equipment and the very latest software, harnessing virtual reality to support rehabilitation. Use of this facility is supplemented by regular exercise sessions held within the village venue; these classes are a focus for falls prevention exercises and promoting independence through exercise, as well as providing general exercise classes.

Download our Exercise service brochure

Download our Exercise Service Brochure, for further information and to read about our success stories


Free for all household residents

Everyone who moves into a Belong village household for 24-hour support (including nursing care) is assessed by the exercise specialist and offered a personalised exercise or rehabilitation programme, designed with a view to improving wellbeing and meeting any specific goals. Where appropriate, our Exercise Specialists work very closely with NHS rehabilitations teams to ensure the very best possible care. Access to the exercise studio gym and one-to-one sessions with our exercise specialists are included within Belong’s care and support fees.


Wider access

Belong also offers personalised exercise programmes to its apartment residents and members of the wider community (subject to availability), enabling local people to take advantage of the advanced facilities in its exercise studios. The team liaises with local GPs and other health professionals to ensure exercise programmes are safe and tailored to individual health and wellbeing needs. As well as mobility and movement needs, we regularly accept referrals from GPs for health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high-cholesterol, arthritis and mental health.


Proven results

Our customers have seen incredible results from their personalised rehabilitation programmes, from learning to walk again after severe fractures, to regaining the use of limbs, to going home after a period of respite for rehabilitation. Belong’s exercise service has been independently assessed by the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (Nesta), achieving a level 2 for ‘Emerging Practice’. This means that it provides each resident the opportunity to improve their quality of life through physical activity no matter what their physical or mental capacity.