Belong village facilities

The village centre is open to the public as well as members of the Belong community and offers a range of amenities where people can meet, relax and access a vibrant programme of events and activities.

Amenities include a bistro, hair salon, gym, entertainment venue, See specific location pages for further details of the facilities at your local Belong village and its What’s On programme.

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Village hub

The village centre is home to a range of facilities which are available to everyone, including people from the wider community. For residents of the village, whether in households or apartments, this means that there is a real sense of ‘going out’ when they venture into the village centre to join in activities.

Facilities include The Bistro, Gym, Hair Salon and nail bar and Venue, a function room with licensed bar, where many of the village events, activities and celebrations are held.

Belong gyms are kitted with state-of-the-art equipment, specially designed to support older people, and we employ full time exercise specialists who design personalised exercise programmes for each customer, based on an assessment and liaison with health professionals.

Specialist exercise and rehabilitation service

Our award-winning service provides targeted exercise programmes to support mobility goals, maintain independence and prevent falls.

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Community integration

A great advantage of our village hub being open to the wider community is that it enables residents to continue meeting with new people from a cross-section of society, maintaining their sense of integration with and contribution to the wider community.

We have a vast network of relationships with community groups and organisations who visit our villages, including from local schools, colleges, museums, churches and arts organisations and we welcome local historians and speakers on a wider range of topics, clergy, musicians, artists, school and nursery children and many more visitors who enjoy spending time in our villages and working with our community.

Want to get involved?

If you’d like to get involved with your local Belong village, drop us your contact details.

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Community life

For insight into the difference our facilities make to the community at Belong Warrington, watch this short video.