Morris Feinmann, Didsbury

Belong Morris Feinmann, Didsbury is a culturally rich, diverse and inclusive community in South Manchester. It enables people of all faiths or none to enjoy the highest standards of care in a Belong village setting, while working closely with Jewish faith and community groups to enable our Jewish customers to continue to observe their religious and cultural way of life. Pop in for a tour and enjoy a warm welcome.

178 Palatine Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2UW

Reception telephone: 0161 804 4200

Living at Belong Morris Feinmann, Didsbury I feel such a strong sense of community, it’s great making new friends.

Pauline Pike

Belong Morris Feinmann Apartment Customer


M C (Daughter of Resident) published on 29 April 2024

"I just want to congratulate and thank the caring staff at Belong Morris Feinmann.
They go above and beyond to make sure Mum is kept safe and keep me well informed if they have any concerns.
Although she no longer participates in the activities, the team try hard to provide something to interest all of the residents.
I can sleep at night knowing my mum is in safe hands.
Thank you, Belong Morris Feinmann! "

M G (Son of Resident) published on 4 April 2024

"The management and staff are amazing. Very receptive and proactive. I know my mother is very well looked after here at Belong Morris Feinmann. "

Sally H (Daughter of Resident) published on 28 November 2023

"My mum spent 5 years as a resident at Belong Morris Feinmann Home, moving in with decreasing mobility as a result of a spinal condition, eventually confining her to a wheelchair. Over the years she received the best quality care from warm, caring and skilled staff who provide a real home-from-home atmosphere. 

Her condition declined resulting in paralysis from the neck down so she became completely dependent on her physical care although mentally she remains fully alert. She then began to recover some mobility, aided in no small part by the exercise regime offered by the in-house physical instruction by Belong. Throughout her time at Morris Feinmann her situation was treated with the utmost care and sensitivity, adapting to her changes in physical ability. Mum has now relocated with her family to a care home in London and we cannot thank the manager and the team in Didsbury enough for the way they looked after Mum during her stay at Belong Morris Feinmann."

Review submitted via by Liz M (Daughter of Resident) published on 22 August 2023

"What can we say; words can’t really express our gratitude for the care given to Dad by the staff of Olive Household. They all went above and beyond to ensure he was safe and well cared for. We miss him every day but take great comfort in the fact he was happy and comfortable at the end. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Review from C S (Daughter of Resident) published on 31 July 2023

"A difficult decision to move mum from her own home at the age of 92, but it turned out to be the best decision without any doubt. Nice bright room and living areas with balcony and rooftop and outside gardens. The friendly and caring staff made the transition easy."

Review Submitted via by Charlie Z (Daughter of Resident) published on 20 April 2023

"The home has good care amenities and genuine carers who clearly care about doing a good job. The village set-up creates a strong community feel. My father has made some connections and friendships with other residents. He enjoys the opportunity to connect over lunch in the main communal area. He has particularly enjoyed the classical music performances, concerts and Jewish festival get-togethers which occur on a regular basis. My father likes his own company too and the carers are sensitive to this. It is particularly good to know that on occasion when my dad has made a request to visit a restaurant outside the care home the carer will accommodate his request. The home director and immediate team were particularly helpful to all the family when welcoming my father into the home."

Review Submitted via by D P (Daughter of Resident) published on 18 April 2023

"Mum has been a resident at Belong Morris Feinmann since December 2022, after a lengthy stay in the hospital resulting in her requiring 24-hour nursing care. It was a huge decision for us to admit Mum to a care home, having cared for her ourselves for a number of years. We were extremely nervous about it. However, we need not have worried.From the moment Mum came to Belong she was treated with kindness. consideration, respect and decency.
Every member of staff, from reception to the care and nursing team is friendly, and approachable and does their utmost to ensure Mum’s care needs are met. The wonderful nursing team who oversee her care look after her so well and are always available day or night for us to speak to if we have any worries about Mum’s health. Mum is treated with genuine affection and has built some lovely relationships with Belong’s outstanding, hardworking care staff, which is wonderful to see. She loves all the activities and is very happy and we would not want her to be anywhere else!"

Review Submitted via by Kirsten B (Daughter of Resident) published on 18 April 2023

"My mum moved into Belong Morris Feinmann 2 years ago. Although we were in the middle of Covid restrictions we were able to help Mum settle and visits were still possible. For the first time in 3 years, my brother and I were able to sleep without worrying about Mum's safety. She receives excellent care and the staff are kind and patient and take time to know my mum and the other residents. It is not easy having a parent with Alzheimer's and the staff have also been very supportive towards us. All staff from management to housekeeping are friendly and welcoming. The household and communal areas are clean and comfortable with a homelike feel. We would be lost without you, thank you."

Review Submitted via by Helen S (Daughter of Resident) published on 13 April 2023

"I don’t believe we could find a home that would provide a higher quality of care than Belong Morris Feinmann. My parents moved in last year and ever since my husband and I have been overwhelmed by the dedicated care and love shown to them by all the staff. The first time we visited Belong we recognised that it was a very special place. Everyone we met was helpful and kind. There was a happy buzz in the building and professionalism which has continued to the present day. The welcome and care given to my parents have been excellent. Mum has got involved in many activities and she feels settled and safe in her new home.
Dad recently passed away after a long period of poor health. This was a difficult time, but the care and respect he received right through to his final days were heart-warming. In addition, the staff looked after the whole family as we navigated our way through this time and continue to keep a special eye on Mum as she adjusts to life without Dad."

Review Submitted via by Madeline S (Sister of Resident) published on 13 April 2023

"My sister-in-law moved to Belong two years ago from another location where she was rapidly becoming a recluse and was not happy. We chose Belong because it was close to us and she is a changed person. The staff are very caring and she is very happy in her household and we think the social programme is second to none. She attends something every day and seems very content. All the staff are wonderful, they have great patience and understanding and we are so very pleased she is there and we can see her as often as we like.Thank you all very much."

Review Submitted via by Charles S (Brother of Resident) published on 13 April 2023

"My sister is a resident and could not be happier or better looked after. All the staff, without exception, are so helpful. The morning and afternoon activities for residents are first-class and varied."

Review Submitted via by Charles G (Husband of Resident) published on 6 April 2023

"My wife is extremely well looked after. I want to thank them very much."

Review Submitted via by Phil R (Son of Resident) published on 6 April 2023

"My father moved to Belong during the pandemic and it was an amazingly fortunate decision. An excellent standard of care for my father. He is settled and happy within Belong. He has fantastic relationships with the carers who are really well-trained and thoughtful. Knowing he is well looked after has been a very positive experience for us as a family."

Review Submitted via by Julie R (Daughter of Resident) published on 6 April 2023

"My dad was discharged from the hospital to Belong Morris Fienmann in July 2020, in the early days of the pandemic. We were unable to look around before he moved in and we were extremely anxious about what was ahead. I am happy to say that Belong Morris Fienmann has turned out to be an amazing place. My dad has been there for 3 years and the care that he has received has been exceptional. The staff on Olive, and the nursing staff who care for him, always treat him with dignity and kindness. They know him well and have supported him through periods when his needs have been challenging. They have gone above and beyond.The management is also very impressive, nothing is too much trouble and they have engaged with my dad and guided him (and us) through very difficult times. The facilities are excellent and there are many activities on offer but it is the relationships with residents which make this such a special place."

Review Submitted via by Gabrielle S (Daughter of Resident) published on 6 April 2023

"I truly appreciate the care my mum receives at Belong Morris Feinmann. I visit her regularly and thus witness directly that the place is friendly and open, that the staff are caring and friendly (if over-burdened at times), and that the staff across all houses and roles seem to know each resident by name. They have a hard job to do but they do it with care and compassion. If you are in the position of looking for a care home and are fortunate enough to be able to afford it, I would wholeheartedly recommend Belong Morris Feinmann. Your family member will be safe and well cared for."

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