Incorporating the Belong Heritage Gallery as a dementia friendly facility at the heart of the village, Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme is a care setting with a difference. It links the past and the present through people, their memories and a shared exploration of our heritage, providing a unique dimension to enrich the lives of older people living in Belong. Pop in for a tour and enjoy a warm welcome.

Lower Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire ST5 2RS

Sat nav postcode for parking: ST5 2SY (Stanier Street)

Reception telephone: 01782 986 300

Living in Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme I feel such a strong sense of community, it’s great making new friends.


Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme Experience Day Customer


S H (Wife of Resident) published on 18 June 2024

"The staff are excellent and the care they give my husband and the other residents in Pooldam is first-class. I am so grateful for all they do. "

Jackie B (Daughter of Resident) published on 14 May 2024

"My dad started at Belong Newcastle on the experience days - that then turned into respite and eventually he moved into the Guildhall House for the last 6 months of his life. The staff are amazing, not one single complaint, he was treated with care and dignity - he thought he was in a hotel for the whole of his stay here. The cleanliness is second to none and the food is 5 stars. We feel as a family, we were very lucky to have this care home on our doorstep. "

Review from Kath C (Wife of Resident) published on 17 April 2024

"My experience of Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme has always been excellent. I visit whenever I want and stay for as long as I want. The staff couldn't be more accommodating, I am treated with courtesy and respect. This is also how they treat the residents in the household.
I am really pleased my relative came here 3 years ago.
My thanks to all at Belong Village."

P D (Son of Resident) published on 12 April 2024

"I can't thank the team at Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme Specialist Day Care enough. They really care for Mum and Dad and make every effort to make their lives so happy."

Steve M (Son of Resident) published on 28 December 2023

"My mum, 89 with Alzheimer's went into Belong at the start of December 2023. Getting her in, from an admin perspective, was made very easy by the management. In fact, they went over and above to ensure this was as painless a move as possible for the family. The whole care staff at Belong have been excellent, both professionally and caring-wise. Within 2 weeks she was more alert, her mood was better, her anxiety had greatly reduced, her skin was hydrated and she was fully engaged with two activities per day. It was a very difficult thing to do to move Mum from her own home but this was the best thing we could have done. Thank you Belong."

Michelle D (Daughter of Resident) published on 18 December 2023

"Our mother is currently enjoying a respite stay at Belong. As a family we are delighted with how well our mother has settled and the care that she is receiving.
The staff have been amazing and it has been a great relief to see our mother smiling again and looking so well. Lots of activities are available and our mother has been included in many lovely events that she has been able to recall to us. Belong provides a unique family atmosphere and now our mother is requesting to remain there because she says she has made many friends and that the staff are all so kind to her! This is testament to the efficient management team and dedicated staff members. "

Susan P (Daughter of Resident) published on 23 November 2023

"My mum, during October, attended the experience day, every day for two weeks. She enjoyed every moment and we are thanking staff for their kindness and support."

Review submitted via by Karen G (Daughter of Resident) published on 27 October 2023

"My mum resides at Guildhall in Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme. Mum has been here since October 2022. My dad, sister and I are very happy with Mum’s care for such an awful illness - Lewy Body Dementia. The staff at Guildhall look after my mum with respect and dignity. They try and calm my mum down when she gets anxious. We feel confident that all my mum’s needs are met, and we can relax knowing that mum is cared for 24/7."

Review submitted via by A P (Daughter of Resident) published on 20 October 2023

"All staff treat Dad with such dignity. They allow Dad to wander when he wants to. They comfort and humour and when he is anxious, support him or give him space, depending on what he needs at the time. The staff are second to none, I couldn't criticise them."

Review submitted via by Christopher C (Brother of Resident) published on 19 July 2023

"I found the facilities here very comprehensive. There are always activities and participation available. The staff are very caring, eager to help and there is a lot of interaction between staff and visitors. The catering is also a plus. I have eaten there on a few visits and found the food very tasty and the catering staff very attentive."

Review Submitted via by S C (Daughter of Resident) published on 6 July 2023

"My dad moved into a setting in April 2023 after a short stay in the hospital and we found out he had cancer, my dad then moved to Belong for end-of-life care, this was the best decision I could have made. The staff are absolutely fantastic and nothing is ever too much trouble. My dad is happy, settled and well looked after. Thank you to all the staff and management team!"

Review Submitted via by Jack C (Grandson of Resident) published on 19 June 2023

"I would just like to say I'm delighted and happy my grandad is in such a friendly and welcoming establishment. I cannot thank the staff enough for what they've done and I would recommend anyone in need of 24-hour care assistance to come here."

Review Submitted via by Karen G (Daughter of Resident) published on 16 May 2023

"Belong Care Home is a clean environment. It has excellent facilities for the residents to do activities. My mum loves the ‘pub’, she enjoys playing darts, pool, doing jigsaws to stimulate her brain and her favourite is the jukebox she loves dancing. All the staff are very friendly and excellent at dealing with dementia residents."

Review Submitted via by David B (Son of Resident) published on 10 May 2023

"The care provided to my dad was absolutely incredible. Amazing staff at Belong and wonderful people. Also the support and advice regarding my mum who also has dementia. I now have much peace of mind knowing my mum is safe and most importantly very happy."

Review submitted via by Andrea H (Daughter of Resident) published on 27 September 2022

"From enquiring about the experience days for my Dad to him attending the experience days one a week I have found the management and all the staff very friendly, helpful and efficient in all aspects. Nothing is too much trouble and my Dad is enjoying his time at the centre."

Review submitted via by Judy C (Wife of Resident) published on 7 September 2022

"My husband attends the activity days and although unsettled at first, he seems to enjoy going now. So much so that l was able to book him in for a week's respite without him making a fuss. The rooms are exceptionally good and the staff very friendly. He enjoys the food there, especially the puddings. One very small niggle is getting through on the telephone, but l assume everything is ok or they would have rung me."

Review submitted via by W P (Resident) published on 4 August 2022

"The best home in Britain."

Review submitted via by K H (Daughter of Resident) published on 8 June 2022

My dad has settled well and says it couldn't be better; he says he is well looked after and cared for. He loves his room and the outside space, and he spends most of his day in the communal area. I think the staff here got the balance right, encouraging his independence and recognising his needs to help with personal care and remembering things. I really like the ethos of Belong. Its households and their relationship to the local community. The site is celebrated as a landmark in the history of the Potteries with Heritage Lottery to provide a new community facility. Well done, Belong, and all your staff for providing such a good service in hard times. When my time comes, I hope there is a Belong for me.

Review submitted via by O C (Wife of Resident) published on 20 December 2021

"I have found the care on the day care to be excellent and the staff very helpful. The activities are great for the older person."

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As a charitable organisation, Belong re-invests all income into its services and we are active members of the National Care Forum.