An ace match for Belong Morris Feinmann

Residents of Belong Morris Feinmann will be given free access to top tennis matches and the facilities of the prestigious Northern Lawn Tennis Club, as part of a new partnership between the club and Belong Morris Feinmann, formed to create new opportunities for people living with dementia.

The Northern Lawn Tennis Club has been established in Didsbury for over 100 years, and many residents have fond memories at the club, which is within a mile of the village. The affiliation will provide opportunities for residents to rediscover their love for the sport and also engage with the local community in Didsbury; something that is fundamental to Belong's ethos.

The first visit to take place as a result of the new partnership saw over 20 members of the Morris Feinmann community receive VIP treatment at the recent world-class women's competition, where players vied for the Fuzion 100 Manchester Trophy. The group of visitors also enjoyed a reception in the hospitality marquee and many residents shared their own positive memories from their time spent at the club, where some had even been ball girls.

Angela Luckett, experience co-ordinator for Belong Morris Feinmann, said: "We received a wonderful welcome at The Northern and are really excited about this new relationship. The club has long played a role within the history of the Didsbury area, especially for some of our residents, who really enjoyed visiting the club and sharing their memories while looking at pictures of the tennis club from earlier decades. We are really looking forward to our next visit!"