Residents Take to the Stage


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Belong Warrington residents had a taste of what it’s like to perform in a live band as part of a dementia-friendly music session at the village courtesy of musicians from ‘Music in Mind’, a charity that promotes the use of music as an aid to health and well-being.
The musicians led the session by performing familiar tunes on instruments including drums, ukuleles and guitars, with residents encouraged to take part by playing maracas, bells and shakers, as well as sing along to recognisable songs and play games including ‘name that tune’.
Commenting on the session, Louise Kelly, Experience Day Coordinator at Belong Warrington, said: “We had a great time at the Music in Mind session – it was very lively and interactive.
“One resident, Shirley, fondly told us that her mum taught her how to sing from a very young age and embraced the opportunity to perform renditions of favourite songs ‘Baby Face’ and ‘You Make Me Love You’ with the band.”
“It was wonderful to hear residents bursting into song as they remembered the familiar lyrics and everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to have a go at playing instruments themselves. We look forward to welcoming Music in Mind back to the village in the future.”
The recognisable music acts as a form of reminiscence therapy, shown to be particularly beneficial for people living with dementia, stimulating cognitive ability and promoting a sense of well-being, as well as encouraging social interaction.
Pictured: Belong Resident Shirley Heaton performing with Al Hart (left) and Ian Unsworth (right) of Music in Mind.

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