Admiral Nurse Service

Belong offers a free Admiral Nurse service to all Belong customers and their family members and carers.

Admiral Nurses are mental health nurses specialising in dementia care. They provide individualised support for family members, carers and people who have been medically diagnosed with any form of dementia. This includes Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy Body dementia and fronto-temporal dementia.
Services offered by the Admiral Nurse include:
  • Skilled, person-centred assessments of the needs of family carers and Belong customers with dementia
  • Provision of a range of therapeutic approaches designed to promote emotional well-being
  • Helping family carers and customers newly diagnosed with dementia to come to terms with their diagnosis
  • Helping family carers to develop and improve skills in care giving, and to promote best practice
  • Providing customers, carers and family members with an appropriate amount of relevant information that can be easily understood
  • Liaison with other professionals and organisations to ensure that families receive co-ordinated support
  • Providing dementia cafés to help carers to meet each other and provide a safe haven to access advice and support in the community

Established as a result of the experiences of family carers, Admiral Nurses are named after Joseph Levy who had vascular dementia and was known as Admiral Joe because of his keen interest in sailing.

Dementia UK works in partnership with NHS providers and commissioners, social care authorities and voluntary sector organisations, and is responsible for upholding the standards of Admiral Nurses nationwide; it provides support to Belong's Admiral Nurses in the villages.

Watch this moving animation by Dementia UK, 'Together Again' to understand more about how Admiral Nurses provide support and guidance to help families face dementia and its impact. 

To find out more about this Belong service, or if you would like to make a referral on behalf of a Belong customer, please email or call 0800 032 2266.

Pictured: Belong Admiral Nurse, Caroline Clifton.