Belong apartment design

All Belong apartments are designed by leading architects and built to the highest standards to meet the needs of our residents. Our extra-wide corridors, doorways and bathrooms are fully accessible to wheelchair users, with easy-to-open doors and colour contrast furnishings to enhance perceptibility. From our wet-room shower design to our easy-to-reach plug and light sockets, every detail has been considered to allow you greater freedom and independence.

Each apartment contains an access system for controlling the entry of visitors, including a two-way audio entry phone and an emergency 24-hour call system to use in emergencies. Wiring is pre-installed for digital and satellite television, with broadband ‘hotspot’ facilities available throughout the village.

Our spacious apartments offer independent living and continued comfort – a change of address, not a change of lifestyle. Every Belong village resident has access to our communal gardens with flowers growing at heights where you can enjoy them, and our outdoor play areas for children make the Belong village a welcoming environment for your whole family.

Most Belong villages offer apartments to either purchase or rent, so you can select whichever option suits you best. The Belong ‘Buy Back’ scheme provides total peace of mind for apartment owners because prices are not subject to the fluctuation of open market valuations. If you choose to buy, then Belong guarantees to repurchase your apartment for the same price that you originally paid, giving complete peace of mind.