We are a values-driven organisation, founded on our vision that older people have the right to enjoy the same community belonging and richness of experience that they have always known.

Our values inform the way we work, recruit and induct new starters, the way we guide people development and, most importantly, our regard for residents, community customers and all stakeholders.

They are:

Customer at the heart of all we do






A listening organisation

We take our lead from our customers, and seek constant feedback on what we can do better. This is done through a range of formal and informal means, including ongoing dialogue with customers, colleagues, relatives and everyone who forms part of our community, through our ‘Listening to the experts’ customer surveys, regular wellbeing reviews and forums for relatives and customers.

Our brand commitments

Our customer commitments sum up the experience of a Belong village from the customer's perspective and how it should feel if we are achieving our vision of supporting older people to live their own lives in vibrant village communities.  These can be found below

Belonging to a vibrant community

We promote a fun, vibrant and spontaneous environment where older people can feel part of something special.

Enjoying a home for life

We support people as their needs change, whether living independently in a Belong apartment or their own home, or in need of continuous care in a Belong household.
Our skilled staff teams and nurses provide expert support, including high quality palliative care if needed.

Living an active lifestyle

Belong villages offer richness of experience and wellbeing. We promise a vibrant programme of activities, with opportunities for interaction with animals, children and the outdoors.
Our personalised exercise programmes use techniques which have been proven to maximise strength, balance and mobility.

Offering choices and independence

Our aim is to facilitate continued independence, dignity and the ability to live out personal preferences and goals. We agree boundaries with our customers and their families when risks are involved in maintaining freedoms , and offer as much choice as is practicable over how people live.

Nurturing relationships

Belong villages are designed to promote interaction through their facilities and open plan layouts.
We welcome family and visitors and have links with a wide range of community groups, promoting fulfilment through positive relationships.

Giving peace of mind

Moving to Belong is designed to bring with it the sense of security that enables people to grow in confidence, while providing reassurance to relatives that their loved ones' best interests are at the heart of everything we do.