Why choose a Belong household?

Every Belong village offers a number of households for customers that need more advanced support with daily living activities. Moving to a Belong household can offer you the helping hand that you need to exert choice over more areas of life than might otherwise be possible, and enjoy our community in safety.

Our village households provide 24-hour support for customers, including specialist nursing and dementia care. With our higher-than-average staffing ratios, no uniforms to create a divide between carers and residents, and a small-scale domestic environment that fosters a warm and responsive atmosphere, Belong households offer safety, security and peace of mind for both you and your family.


Each Belong household is grouped into an ‘extended family’ sized community for 11 or 12 residents, with modern bedrooms that lead directly onto an open-plan, shared communal space. These comfortable, contemporary-styled rooms boast the latest en-suite facilities and access to modern lounge and domestic kitchen areas.


At the heart of each household is a kitchen, where meals are prepared and residents can enjoy the smell of home cooking, creating an appetising signal that mealtimes are approaching. We aim that food continues to be a sociable and enjoyable aspect of life in Belong, and offer specialist reconstituted meals for people with swallowing difficulties such as dysphagia.

The outdoors

Belong households all feature access to secure balcony and garden areas, enabling easy access to fresh air and nature for even customers with the most complex needs. Many of our villages have dementia friendly sensory gardens, and we aim to maximise opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors.

This is not a conventional care home: at Belong every design choice was made to offer you exceptional levels of comfort and security.